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Khandie Khisses

Khandie’s Kholumn: Confidence Knocks

Gosh who hasn’t had it?! Someone makes a comment and before you know it you are staring in the mirror questioning yourself. Burlesque is no different from life in that respect. We are not immune to taunts, hurtful comments and soul destroying remarks. It seems for me I am either too fat, too crazy, too […] Read more…

Khandie’s Kholumn: Networking

It’s a tricky business this burlesque malarkey. Whilst your talents may get you so far, any professional performer will tell you that networking is key. This isn’t simply spouting on Facebook or the other social media networking sites. It’s about clever negotiations, working the room if you will. But not simply at shows. Networking goes […] Read more…

Khandie's Kholumn

Khandie’s Kholumn: Inspiration

My lack of inspiration regarding new acts was beginning to cause me worry. While I have been furiously beavering away at honing/fine tuning my old acts (paying particular care to the Rabbit Poison and Dark Before The Dawn acts), my desire to create a new act has not diminished. But alas, no muse or divine […] Read more…

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